Welcome to Annotation Media Project, a blog I created for reading response so that I can tinker with annotating texts and mixing media in WordPress. Admittedly, the title is clunky and might not describe the contents of the blog because I plan to blog here about anything and everything, as I’ve done over the years in a few other spaces. For interested readers:

I used to blog here on a site I called Learn, Teach, Repeat.

I’ve written quite a bit about digital media and learning here on the National Writing Project’s The Current (formerly Digital Is).

There was a time when I blogged about CLMOOC on this WordPress blog.

Recently, I’ve written blog posts about The Marginal Syllabus on the blog devoted to that annotation project.

A few posts about annotation that reflect my interests in the topic prior to the creation of this blog are:

Lists and public syllabi; or what the Internet ought to be good for

Annotation, too, might change.

Inquiry into digital annotation

Reading teachers reading together about teaching reading; an experiment in social annotation


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